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Simple Solutions for Stressed Out Skin

Women's skin care regimen from Veg Out Organics

The Link Between Stress + Skin. 

Stress can hit hard, especially during these unprecedented times. Even when you’re completing a full self-care routine, the effects of everyday stress can take a toll on more than your mind. Stress can also take a toll on your skin complexion. As your largest organ, any type of stress can be seen and manifested within your skin. Stress can increase cortisol levels which in turn increases inflammation and can exacerbate any underlying skin conditions. Our bodies are designed to show and tell us what's going on from the inside out.

How do I know if my skin is stressed?

Signs of a stressed skin barrier, the outermost layer of skin that protects you from environmental stressors, can be: inflammation or redness, dry skin, itching, infection, stinging or burning sensation when applying products, acne, discoloration or just overall dullness. Your skin needs the proper ingredients, nourishment, and hydration to function at an optimal level. Let's talk about a few ways to destress your skin easily, from head to toe. 

Be kind to your skin.

Stress materializes in a multitude of ways—and usually it’s seen first and foremost on our skin. Whether it makes you break out, reactive, or red and irritated, we want to remind you to be gentle with yourself. Overworking your skin in the hopes of “fixing” the issue will only further worsen whatever it is you’re going through; don’t pick at any pesky pimples. Don’t dry out or over-exfoliate your complexion with treatments in pursuit of instant gratification. Instead, make balance a priority. Reach for gentle, replenishing skin care instead. 

Here are a few amazing and simple products that can help you be kind to your skin as well as soothe the stress away:

Vitamin C Serum Face Serum Veg Out Organics

Veg Out Organics Vitamin C+ Serum is exclusively formulated with our own farm-grown organic phytocannabinoids (CBD extracts) to decrease skin inflammation and soothe skin redness naturally, offering unique nourishing and calming properties for renewed, glowing skin.

We've developed an all-natural plant-based brightening complex within our Vitamin C+ Serum that's designed to brighten and even-out skin tone and texture while preventing UV and free-radical damage, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Unwind & Alleviate Stress

Massage therapy definitely benefits the skin, but also the body and mind as well. Alleviating stress in the body and helps to free and calm the mind, creating that sense of balance referenced earlier. CBD massages with our Veg Out Organics Chill Mode Massage and Body Oil is just the kind of relaxation habit that is needed to arrive at stress free skin. Because it's non-comedogenic, our massage oil can also be used on the face as well, which will be a pleasant and cool treat for your money maker.

Chill Mode Massage Oil from Veg Out Organics

The combination of organic full flower phytocannabinoids and organic neroli, sunflower seed oil and soothing lavender oils create an entourage effect that is calming inside and outside. Organic sunflower seed oil is full of antioxidants and repels toxins, reviving tired skin cells. Neroli essential oil has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties to calm tense muscles and induce relaxation, naturally. Rosemary is also a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, shown to help boost the immune system and improve blood circulation which definitely helps rid that tired and dull look that comes with stress. 

Veg Out Organics Magnesium Body Lotion

Magnesium that occurs in the body is known to be burned during times of stress, so replenishing it is essential to reducing stress and anxiety. 

Magnesium Body Lotion from Veg Out Organics

Not to mention, magnesium absorbs so much better transdermally than orally. Since when is using body lotion like getting a daily dose of something good for you without even trying? Since now is when! Not only does Veg Out Organics Magnesium Body Lotion replenish lost magnesium that is being depleted during your stress out, but it also treats inflammation, assists with protein synthesis and muscle recovery, cramping, and adds a little pain relief. Who doesn’t need that when we are stressed to the max?  

We hope these simple, yet amazingly clean, calming and carefully curated products send your skin into a refreshing and revived bliss!

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