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What Makes Us Unique


Veg Out has created proprietary skincare and wellness ranges using our CBD & CBG extracts from our USDA Certified Organic hemp. We grow year round in a fully automated greenhouse, away from harmful sprays and chemicals. We create the extracts in our food grade approved lab with our CO2 processing equipment. Veg Out believes that controlling each step helps us deliver products which can organically restore skin to a healthy, more youthful state, without any harmful chemicals.

With several decades expertise, our innovative formulators have developed products and treatments that are vegan, organic, natural, non-toxic, free of parabens, synthetic fragrances & dyes, are sustainably, consciously sourced, and produced in the US. Unlike many other brands that claim they are clean beauty, that is our promise, and we stand by it.

We believe that if it's not safe to put IN your body, it is not safe to put ON your body. Unbleached, unprocessed, skin nutrition that feeds the skin and delivers.

Think of us as your vegan skincare hero so you can spend more time unwinding and Veg Out.

1. Our first ingredient is aloe vera rather than water, which would dilute a product. One of the many reasons our products are more potent, concentrated, hydrating, and healing, to bring your skin to homeostasis.

2. We are 100% transparent and the cleanest CBD/hemp skincare and wellness brand on the market! No chemicals whatsoever, non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan, organic, natural, sustainably sourced, gluten-free, free of parabens, synthetic dyes & synthetic fragrances. We do not test on animals. Click here to see our full labs reports for full transparency.

3. Our products are not white because our products are not bleached. (Products that are white color are bleached!)

4. Our CBD/CBG are our very own harvested hemp. Direct from the source, our hemp contains powerful antioxidants to protect against free-radicals of aging, potent anti-inflammatory compounds, such as fatty acids, CBD, CBG, and has the ability to repair and heal the cells.

5. We do NOT sell on amazon.

6. We are the direct manufacturer and seller, NOT an MLM.

We look forward to helping you achieve your skincare goals!


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