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About Us


Veg Out was started by a husband and wife team, Brad and Katie Wynne. It originated as a passion project: an organic vegetable gardening business, under the brand name Veg Out Gardens, that grew into something even bigger today, including Veg Out Pharm, which is responsible for growing the USDA certified organic hemp. The Veg Out Organics Skin Care line is heartfully hand-crafted with USDA certified organic hemp extracts and all-natural ingredients.

The three brands under the Veg Out umbrella, Veg Out Gardens, Veg Out Pharm, and Veg Out Organics, represent prongs of a multi-extension lifestyle brand that can become an iconic representation of a balanced presence that is currently in such a deficit in our world. Its' essence brings more meaning to the 'veg out' entendre on multiple levels and interpretations that gel with slowing down, blooming where we are planted, being present, taking care of our bodies and our minds, healing ourselves from the inside out, and honoring our bodies, our families, our children, and our planet. 

We believe in sustainability, performing out of love and not fear, teaching the benefits and celebrating organic, local, and natural food. We hold the vision of our childrens' future close in each decision we make and try to act at every level with intention. And we hope that this is evident in our products, that are grown and handled with intention at every step of the process, from seed to flower.